Soft Toys for Babies and Small Children

So maybe it is the birthday of a little one in your family or perhaps you’ve recently started a family and are considering buying some toys that are baby safe?

When buying anything for a baby, care must be taken to make sure it’s suitable safety wise but it also matches the age range of the little one.

You will want to purchase something that the child will not bore of easily. There are many such toys designed to aid in the development of a young child such as Lamaze and jellycat toys for babies and young children.

If your baby is still young, you might want to consider giving him or her toys that will allow his or her shape and colour recognition develop. A soft toys texture and colour can really stimulate a young child or baby and provide hours of fun.



Soft toys for many reasons are best for young children and babies.

Many parents can get anxious when buying toys for a baby. They are worried that the child could on it or that it is covered in toxic, harmful chemicals.

Babies as we know tend to put anything they can inside their mouths, therefore having a safe soft toy is very important.

It will be best to buy something rich in colour and perhaps lamaze toys in the shape of a popular animal.

Always make sure that anything you buy for a small child has passed all of the important safety guidelines. If Lamaze or Jellycat are not your cup of tea then steiff bears in the uk might be a better choice for you.

The crazy world of the beanie baby

During the late nineties and early 2000′s that was a huge craze surrounding soft beanie toys. Soft beanie tots first appeared during the early 1990′s and the company that were responsible for the popularity of the beanie toy were a company called ‘Ty’.

A beanie soft toy can come in many different shapes and forms. The most popular form are beanies in the shape of an animal.

So how did beanies get their name?

The name is derived from the the actual material that is used to stuff the beanies. Manufacturers referred to the stuffing material as ‘beans’ hence why they ended up being labelled ‘beanies’.

To touch, these soft toys are a lot different from most other soft toys that are available for purchase. Not only do they have a unique feel, but they make a different sound when you  rustle them. Their popularity has also been helped by the creators thinking up really good name for some of their animal toys. Amongst the favourites you have Flash the Dolphin, Spot the dog and other sort after animals.

The Ty company’s mission and goal was to create appealing soft toys for children that were colourful and fun to play with. With a product that arouses the senses and with an excellent marketing strategy, Ty beanies are as popular as ever.


Ty beanie babies

Ty’s market reach was not only children. Many adults had a soft spot for them and also started to collect them! If you can create a product that appeals to most of the family like figures from willow tree then the  future of your company will most likely be stable.

Over time the Ty company created and marketed other product lines that increased their popularity and market share. A range of smaller beanies were introduced and cleverly named ‘Teenie Beanies’. This product line was part of a collaboration with fast food giant ‘Mcdonalds’. It was this collaboration which extended Ty’s market reach and got many more children interested in their beanie toys.

The Ty company have managed to stay in good financial health beacuse they hired a good chartered accountants in manchester to manage their businesses finances. Until this day Ty’s beanies continue to popular amongst people of all ages.

Beanies can also be great gifts for the ladies, whether thats your daughter, girlfriend or mum. Beanies are great add on gifts that you can bundle with other presents such as hair, makeup and beauty items. If your femail relation is into looking good then bundle you beanie with some nail manicures and the top rated self tanners to giv her that glowing look.